How To Draw & Paint Realistic Art Works

Skip the frustration and boredom… and start drawing faithful portrait quickly!

It’s frustrating:

You practice your drawing skills for hours and hours to try to have a life-like portrait…

… and the result is far from realistic

So you try harder during the little time you can spare everyday on this skill.

And it’s hard to stay motivated when your paintings don’t seem to get better.


From amateur to artist:


I crafted this free course to allow you, with a small time investment everyday (about 15min per lesson),

to really start drawing and painting the art you want.

With 5 very easy lesson, I’ve compiled my decades of experience to give you just what you need

where you are at to draw better realistic portrait.

What you will get

Day 1: My Top 5 Tips when it comes to life drawing (from decades of doing it)

Day 2: 7 steps to a Classical Bust Study: detailed guide

Day 3: The secrets of head drawing and how to liven up your portraits!

Day 4: The Step-by-Step of Portrait Drawing

Day 5: How to paint oil portrait from life: introduce colors and details

5 Lessons to Draw & Paint Life Portrait!