Still Life Oil Painting

220 minutes in total

2 video lessons in 4 videos – 55 minutes each with English subtitles

YOUR PRICE – $320 $79
Plein-air Landscape Oil Painting

220 minutes in total
3 video lessons in 4 Videos – 55 minutes each with English subtitles

YOUR PRICE – $320 $129
Portrait Oil Painting

110 minutes in total
2 Videos – 55 minutes each with English subtitles

YOUR PRICE – $90 $69
Human Figure Oil Painting
2 Videos – 55 minutes each with English subtitles
YOUR PRICE – $90 $69
The Comprehensive Oil Painting Training System
A total of 660 minutes of instructions and demonstration
YOUR PRICE – $820 $199

What others say about the comprehensive oil painting system:

“This is the best set of oil painting DVD’s I have ever had. It covers almost all the genres of oil painting: Still life, plein air and studio landscape, portrait and figure. And most of all, it is the demonstration by Master Yim! I was fortunate to attend his 3-day workshop in Rochester in 2009 and I was fascinated by his dazzling techniques and wonderful teaching. I have learned a lot from it. However a 3-day workshop was too short for me and I have been waiting for this DVD to be published since then. Now, here it is! I have already watched it once and will watch it again and again in the future.”– Bin Zhang

 “I purchased a few of the videos you had and was very pleased. (A picture viewed is like a thousand words understood). I have taught for many years and have always hoped for someone with your talent to explain in more detail his thinking on design of a painting (layout), value breakdown (distribution of  light and darks), dominant color choices and their balancing complements. Too many art instructional materials cover the same factual principles without the philosophy or reasoning behind said principle. I hope my ‘personal’ insight helped and please keep me posted on anything new from Yimaukun Atelier.”– Alberto Ortega

 It was particularly helpful for me to see the artist’s painterly and masterful approach to painting a portrait. In particular, he gave some advise or warnings about trying to perfect or obtain a smoothly rendered subject – something I am guilty of doing even when working from life. I think the suggestions he gave when determining a painting to be “done” are going to be helpful to me to know when to quit and leave the artist’s hand and brushstroke visible, rather than continuing to paint and lose the painterly and aesthetic look I am after. I also enjoyed his discussions of art history, criticism and examples of old master works – it was a great way to break up the video and your father is certainly very knowledgeable on those topics. – Roberta Remy