4-step oil painting system

Step 1

Still life

Step 2

Plein air landscape

Step 3


Step 4

Human figure

Step 2

Landscape Oil Painting

Plein air painting is an excellent way to train observation and develop a great sense of color. Before the emergence of Impressionism, all landscapes had brown tones. It was not until the emergence of Impressionism that outdoor plein-air painting became a trend and many artists began exploring how light and color in nature was actually perceived by the visual senses. Color is the most attractive yet challenging aspect of plein-air landscape. Colors should be sensed. To create a painting with good colors, one must quickly scan the scene and compare and contrast it with the surroundings. Once you have sensed the colors, you must then render them in paint. Mixing colors becomes an important task. The landscape oil painting video lessons cover scene selection, composition, perspective, observation of light and color and brush stroke.

This module includes 3 video lessons, two on small plein-air paintings and one on medium size plein air painting.