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Great painters must create masterpieces in order to be remembered by society and by history. They can’t just make ordinary paintings, and definitely should not waste their whole life on painting for commercial sales.  – Yim Mau-Kun

Realism is not about replication. It does not try to faithfully capture the subject like a camera. It is a process of extraction and distillation that requires creativity and tremendous skill.  – Yim Mau-Kun

Plein-air landscape painting is a process where natural (objective) beauty inosculate with artistic (subjective) beauty.  Natural beauty emphasizes “feeling” while artistic beauty focuses on “gusto,” or “fun.” If you concentrate on pursuing photo realism, then painting becomes a chore rather than pleasure.  – Yim Mau-Kun

I like painting people and have always preferred painting portraits from life as it is like conversing with life.  After all, is there anything more exciting and sophisticated than life itself?  Is not the ultimate expression of art the human form itself?”  – Yim Mau-Kun

The beauty of a painting lies in the composition, the artist image, the ambiance, the colors and skillful use of brushstrokes.”  – Yim Mau-Kun

Letter from Ray Seitz

Occasionally we have artists from overseas joining the Taipei studio for short term studies. These requests are considered on a case-by-case basis depends on the artist's needs and studio capacity. Ray Seitz was the first international student we had at the Taipei...

Top 5 life drawing tips

The life drawing (or observational drawing) process and tips below are designed to help you create a drawing that’s true to likeness, expressive and with dimensions. Observe holistically, define locations and boundaries Think of this step as drawing a blue print when...