Still Life

Chrysanthemum, Grapes and Chair

Oil on Canvas



In the 1990s I often traveled to Fengyuan in Taichung. In Fengyuan I became friends with Mr. Weng, a dealer in antique furniture, and he asked me to paint a portrait of his wife. I noticed in his store many old fashioned, hand-made, elegant, and classical wooden chairs, so I purchased one which I took back to Taipei. The chair was intended as a prop for Bridal Photo. When it wasused for still-life compositions, it created a homely touch.

The painting was purchased by a collector who donated it to his alma mater Tamkang University a few years later.

Melon and Plum




In 2003 I opened the Twin Bridge Studio for teaching in Taipei. Everything felt new and sparkling in the beginning, so I held several watercolor classes in Taipei, Kaohsiung, and Tainan at the request of my students. Everyone was excited.

Watercolor still life is actually not that easy. Getting the form, color, texture, and amount of water right given the limited time available is an extremely challenging task. This was one of the demonstration paintings at the time.

In 2015, the painting was submitted by invitation to the Academic Exhibition of Chinese Watercolor History and it was published in The Age of Progress collection.




Human Figure


Still Life