I came across the video of an interview I did years ago. I was interviewed on TV program Expert Talks and the interview was aired on Taipei TV in 2002. Although the interview was done long time ago and the video quality is not that great, It nonetheless covers quite a bit of my life, particularly my early life in China. So I’m sharing it here with those who may be interested in how I started my art journey, influencers, inspiration and the stories behind a few of my paintings.

There are four parts of the interview.

Part 1 covers my early life in Mainland China, family background and how I started my art journey.


Part 2 covers my experience during the Cultural Revolution and moving to Hong Kong from Mainland China in the 1980s.


Part 3 covers narrative paintings, inspiration and process and introduction of paintings The Death of Consort Yang and Taiwan Forefathers painting series.


Part 4 covers portrait painting, aesthetics of portrait painting, the difference between a portrait and a picture and future plans.