Small Still Life Oil Painting



About the course

This course features four still life paintings all measure 5 x 7 inches. The first lesson focuses on the history and rationale of doing small size oil paintings. The second and third lessons focus on composition and techniques. The fourth lesson is demonstration with some lecture.

Video course total length 155 minutes

  • Vase, Bottle and Fruits (33 minutes)
  • Flower, Bottle and Wine Glass (41 minutes)
  • Vase, Bottle, Fruits and Egg (38 minutes)
  • Rose (43 minutes)

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What makes this course different?

Yim Mau-Kun’s style is a combination of the Russian school of The Wanderers and the Impressionist of the 19th century. It’s precise in form, with rich color variation and painterly brushwork. Over the decades, he insists on the tradition of painting from life. Face-to-face communication allows him to better capture both the form and spirit of the subject on canvas.

Mr. Yim has decades of teaching and painting experience. His lectures are done in layman terms, with humor and creative analogies to help his students understand painting approaches and techniques. He also lectures and demonstrates live at the same time so that the students thoroughly understand what he is talking about. The lectures and demonstrations in the course were all done in live painting sessions. Mr. Yim also shares his painting experience and philosophies in his lectures and demonstrations.

Why small still life oil painting?

Small oil painting that measures 5 x 7 inches is a great way to train color observation, composition and the study of spatial relationships and color blocks. Learning how to manage these key elements in the limited space on a small canvas board forces one to look at the forest instead of trees. This is very helpful when you move on to work on larger paintings. The same skills and techniques can also be transferred to other genres such as portrait painting. Small still life painting has the added benefit of doing it indoor without having to worry about the weather or racing with the sun to get a painting done outdoor.


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