This is a recent demonstration from the Twin Bridge Studio. Excluding breaks for the model, it took approximately twelve hours (or six class sessions) to complete the painting.


The model is very beautiful and holds a steady pose. I adopted an approach that includes in-depth depiction of the head, bold color blocks for the kimono and a simple and blurry background to render spiritual depth of the subject and musical rhythm of color blocks.


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Step 1

Block in: Use brown to block in on unprimed canvas. Use straight lines and focus on accuracy of proportion during this stage.


Step 2

Add value using brown. Further define the arms and their positions.


Step 3

Add value to the head including the eyes, hair, and shadow for the nose and neck. Apply red paint and approximate value to the kimono.


Step 4

Apply background. Apply colors to light areas of the head. Focus on big color blocks, value and temperature.


Step 5

Work on details of the head.


Step 6

Further refine details of the head, especially the nose. If the nose is accurate, then you have a good benchmark for the rest of the facial features.


Step 7

Add details of the arms. Use accurate yet general brushwork. Avoid photo like likeness.


Step 8

Refine color blocks of the painting and sign.


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